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90’s pleats

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 Bright colours, bold patterns and over the top opulence became synonymous in the early 90’s. A refreshing aesthetic contrasting the prevailing taste for muted colours and simplicity. These vivid colours which exude feelings of unadulterated joy, romance and happiness were our main source of inspiration for our popular pleats silk scarf. Hand screen printed in small editions by us.

katie & Paul


ete installation close up.jpg

A year ago we decided on the contents of our new collection inspired by a single image captured on a summer evening walk. An idea was blossoming that would push ourselves and cause experimentation outside our comfort zone. Intrinsically linked to one idea, this collection was meant to explore all of our technical capabilities with different print mediums over three surfaces. After working through our individual inspirations and creative processes, we brought together drawing and paintings that would be the framework of this collection. We decided to split the project into three parts consisting of an installation printed on canvas, a hand printed silk scarf and a hand printed paper edition, all individual, but of equal importance requiring its own personal design and printing techniques. Like the parts of a triangle each part infinitely connected with its sister facets and of equal importance to the overall shape.